Monday, November 22, 2010

Cake Gift Tin Turtorial

Today I am going to show you how I created this beautiful Cake Gift Tin from items you may already have.

To start I used a 4 oz. can green chili can, frozen orange juice lid, Cuttlebug dots embossing folder, Spellbinders Eyelet Circle die # 5, Standard Circles LG die # 4 & 5, Prima Pink Roses, white & pink cardstock.

First remove the lid from the frozen orange juice and label from the green chili can.  Wash. 
To make pattern for can, wrap white cardstock around can.  Hold.  Trace top and bottom edge with pencil.  Mark for length.  Cut bottom edge.  On top edge, cut 1/8” above traced line.  (This allows for lid to fit on top).  Copy onto cardboard for permanent pattern.

                Emboss cutout.  Flip around and line up last row of dots.  Emboss again.

Cut two Standard Circles die #5.  One from die #4.  All from white cardstock.
Cut two Eyelet Circle die # 3 from pink cardstock.
Emboss smallest circle with Cuttlebug dots.
Adhere one large white circle to the bottom of pick Eyelet circle.  Repeat.
Add small dot white circle to one layered circle.  Adhere to flat side of frozen orange juice lid.

                                                           Here is the lid upside down.

Adhere layered circles to base of can using mount foam.
Adhere dot cutout to can using strong adhesive.
Notice the lip of paper above rim of can.  This is the 1/8” extra you added to the pattern.  This allows for the lid to fit snuggly into place.
Cut Rose stems from roses.  Wrap stems around small paintbrush.
Adhere roses & curled stems to center of lid.
You can add foam to the base of can to insert jewelry or small items for gift.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial.

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